Amisha is an award-winning writer and producer, and founder of Avaaz Media, built for her fellow monster, mythology, and sci-fi fans and explorers of the universe.

Amisha has worked for film studios, indie production companies, ad agencies, and tech companies driving content strategy and creation for brands and products on three different continents.

Films she’s produced have opened the Toronto Film Festival; Sundance; and other film festivals. She’s been a Nickelodeon Script winner, among a dozen other national and international prizes in writing. Her work has been seen on stages off- Broadway, Lincoln Center, and in Mumbai, and developed in the Bay Area (New Conservatory, AATC), New York (Lark).

She and studied Religion and Dance at Barnard with further training at Alvin Ailey School of Dance, Martha Graham, and bharatnatyam with Swati Bhise; and opera with teachers from the Mannes School of Music. She toured as a professional dancer in modern and classical Indian dance before turning to writing and producing full-time.

She’ll never give up performing because that SAG card was hard to get!