Parenting is a skill and communicating with children. This is true for any relationship where it is assumed that somehow this ill-defined feeling of “love” should cover it all. It does not.

In your toolkit as a parent should be strategies and well, tools to bust out when faced with certain issues. This article details one such strategy taught by a speech therapist.

one of the most invaluable phrases to diffuse a tantrum—and it’s one that applies to all kids.

It’s just two words: “Show me.”

“Show me” removes the burden on an already language-challenged child of explaining something through words. It breaks the cycle of going back-and-forth in a frustrating guessing game.

This applies not just to developmentally challenged children but to all children, and even to adults.

Professionally, a lot of back-and-forth on messaging platforms or emails can be cut with a simple phone call asking to be shown something directly. If screens have to be shared then make it a video call if possible. Don’t understand how something works, aligns, or otherwise pertains to deliverables? “Please show me” can go a long way.

Personally, this happens in relationships all the time. He or she didn’t say this or do that. Have their actions backed up their words? Many people may not be good verbal communicators but nothing can negate outward actions.